Backups & Recovery

Backup & Recovery Solutions

Keep Your Backups Safe

There are varying different backup technologies on the market today each giving different recovery methods.

At RevoBlue, we ensure that we look at each individual customers need and the complexities of their environment before deciding on the right backup solution. Quite often a mixture of backup technologies are deployed in order that the environment can be fully protected. This gives us the ability to restore in different ways depending on the reason for a restore.

Disaster Recovery for Virtualised environments

RevoBlue prevents system downtime within virtualised environments through a number of different technologies.

As organisations expand, so does their IT environment and their reliance on their IT systems which generally get more complex.

These businesses need to ensure that they fully protect against unplanned downtime across different departments, locations and operations. Unavailability of business-critical infrastructure can have a crippling effect on companies, especially when multiple offices depend on a centralised virtual infrastructure based in a single location.

In the event of unplanned downtime RevoBlue’s Virtual Infrastructure DR enables entire VMware data-stores or Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes to be brought back online as quickly as possible and in a coordinated fashion.

Our Virtual Infrastructure DR service is ideal for medium to larger businesses with existing VMware infrastructure running on a centralised Storage Area Network (SAN).