Desktop Roll Out & Migration

Desktop Deployment and Migration Services

Improve productivity across your organisation

Deploying a modern desktop improves productivity across organisations, providing IT departments with the level of control, manageability and security they require. To ensure a successful, cost-effective deployment, RevoBlue’s Desktop Deployment and Migration service provides a certified Microsoft professional to develop a unique deployment plan bespoke to organisational needs.

The Desktop Deployment and Migration Service will:

  • Accelerate desktop migration planning.
  • Optimise Windows image creation and management.
  • Develop a conceptual design for systems management infrastructure.
  • Build a customised high-level deployment plan.
  • Achieve alignment with desktop strategy.

RevoBlue’s Approach

By developing a robust deployment plan, we are able to map out the migration to a new desktop, determining if an optimised desktop would be beneficial to meet business needs.

The optimised desktop, including the Microsoft Office Suite and Windows 7 and 8, is designed to improve productivity across organisations, whilst empowering IT departments to control and manage their IT environment securely.

RevoBlue’s Desktop Deployment and Migration Service will assist you in:

  • Realising the value of the optimised desktop, including: Windows 7 and 8, Office 2010 and 2013, as well as desktop management technologies.
  • Keeping your computers current with desktop applications.
  • Streamlining desktop deployment complexities.
  • Experiencing Microsoft Desktop software with the Desktop Deployment Proof of Concept Lab.
  • Learning ways to better address line-of-business application compatibility.
  • Reducing cost associated with maintaining PCs.
  • Obtaining bespoke guidance from technical experts.
  • Building a customised deployment plan based on an assessment of your environment.

To facilitate a migration to the modern desktop, RevoBlue’s Desktop Deployment and Migration service provides organisations with a certified Microsoft consultant to introduce the most advanced techniques, processes, and tools to develop a customised deployment plan.

RevoBlue will then use a combination of workshops or design sessions and guided hands-on labs to analyse, understand and prove the value of utilising the Desktop Deployment and Migration Service.