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Businesses of all sizes are heavily reliant on the ability to send out and receive email. Email is a form of documented communication that is used to send between staff members, suppliers and customers alike. We can manage and control any email related projects, with an in house team that contains qualified Microsoft Exchange engineers that have over 25 years of experience between them. They have been through meetings, planning, migration and fresh installations including DAG setups across multiple sites. Our team really do have a wealth of knowledge in this area and are more than capable of getting your Microsoft Exchange setup running immaculately.

We can help with any of the following areas:

  • PCI Compliance – We address vulnerabilities and secure the server ready to achieve passing status. This can be a requirement if there is any chance that any security or payment information is passed via email (even internally).
  • Malware and virus protection.
  • Service continuity to ensure smooth processes and the flow of inbound/outbound email.
  • Certificate installation and renewals, taking into account the multiple touch points that Exchange requires – ActiveSync, POP3, IMAP4, OWA etc. Keeping your email secure is an absolute “must have”.
  • Storage Space – we take your existing environment and make plans for scaling the resources for the next 5 years (physical servers) and if you are looking to run hosted Exchange in the cloud then we can scale rapidly to fit business growth.
  • Corporate Branding – we know how important the company image is and can manipulate Exchange to ensure that email signatures are personalised, disclaimers are added and customers see continuity with your brand.
  • Trouble-shooting and diagnosis – we have a panel of experts that can rapidly diagnose existing issues, breaches and vulnerabilities. Having someone on hand to deal with this quickly is key as any issues like this can damage company reputation and will likely result with blacklist bans.
  • Blacklist Removal – if you are unlucky enough to end up on a blacklist then we will address your Exchange issues and then get you removed from any blacklists so that you can email your customers again. This will impact your business heavily, meaning you cannot email certain email address types. Hotmail, Outlook, MSN and Live accounts have aggressive filtering and they will block quickly if you are seen to be abusing their email extensions.

We design, build, implement and manage smooth running, controlled email systems for our customers to enjoy a straight forward business email experience. Could you afford to lose email for 2-3 days on a blacklist ban? Can you safely say that your email is in safe hands and risk free?
Whilst we are on the subject as well, recovery from Microsoft Exchange without verified and tested backups is incredibly difficult. Make sure that your backup procedures are in place and tested regularly. This is also something that we can help you with.