Hosted VOIP

Hosted VOIP Services

How hosted telecoms can enable you to operate a more cost effective and reliable telephony platform

Most individuals have at some point used a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone system, maybe even without realising. For instance, Skype is a VOIP system, overseas calls are also routed over a VOIP network.

Cloud-based phone systems can help bring the power of the cloud to your organisations’ communications infrastructure.

But what do you gain from investing in a hosted telephony solution?

Reduced capital expenditure

Every finance director worries over how much money their business is spending, preferring operational expenditure over capital expenditure.

Telephony is no different. When it comes to choosing the right solution, your organisation is faced with a choice – invest in a traditional solution with PBXs installed in every site or subscribe to a cloud-based alternative where their PBX is centralised by being hosted in the cloud.

Those who choose a cloud-based solution will benefit from adopting a subscription model which, financially, will make it much easier to budget for telecoms costs. The monthly subscription will usually include the hosted solution, physical handsets, online portal and mobile apps, ongoing maintenance and, depending on who you partner with, free calls to UK local numbers and mobile destinations.

Simplified growth

As your business grows so too does your telephony needs. For a traditional PBX-based system this can mean a number of things:

  • Needing to purchase PBX upgrades and enhancements.
  • Taking more lines, usually sold in minimum quantities of four (not ideal if you only need to add one or two additional users).
  • Employing engineers to carry out these installations.
  • Increased licensing and support costs to cover the additional extensions.

With cloud-based telephony most of these additional costs can be negated. For example, if your customer wants to add more users to their network, we can simply add the additional extensions and handsets then inform you of the new details. Something that previously took days or even weeks to set up can be simplified so that it takes just a few minutes.

Coping with peaks in demand

Most organisations are affected by seasonal peaks in demand that require additional telephony support to cope. Those with a traditional on-site PBX would have no choice but to add new lines to cater for the increase in inbound calls, which they’ll then have to keep and continue to pay for throughout the rest of the contract. Hosting your PBX in the cloud simplifies this.

Some companies may allow you to add additional capacity and remove it when sales calls return to normal.

Alternatively, rather than investing in a number of additional lines, many customers choose to utilise call management features so that incoming calls can be directed to the relevant person or team. For example, if your employees are on the road during peak times, they can still receive calls, simply by forwarding all incoming calls directly to their mobile phones.

Extending business reach

An increasingly disparate, globalised workforce requires a telephony system to match. Branch offices and home workers all need to be connected to the main switchboard to simplify communications.

Traditionally, branch offices could be connected using on-site PBX extensions – at an exponential cost, of course. Using a hosted PBX means all extensions, routing and call management are carried out in the cloud. This means that a branch office can be connected to the same switchboard simply by plugging a configured VoIP handset into the network. Calls can then be routed between extensions and sites with the same ease as passing them to a colleague working on the next desk. Even better, we can offer free internal / site-to-site calls so that you have no additional costs for this.

This ease of expansion is perfect for organisations that plan to grow and want to simplify the telecoms provisions across all its sites, or those that need to support a highly devolved workforce.

Taking extensions everywhere

Extensions delivered via a hosted PBX are not restricted to physical VoIP handsets. By using softphone applications on laptops or downloading apps on smartphones and tablets, internal calls can be routed to employees anywhere at any time.

By using a softphone or mobile app, businesses can boost their connectivity whilst making it easier to provide work-at-home options for employees.