Licensing Consultancy

Enterprise Licensing Services

We Can Help With Your Licensing Requirements

RevoBlue provides enterprise licensing advisory services which helps clients avoid overspending and aligns your software asset planning with your long-term business strategy. Our proven, hands-on approach saves our clients significant sums each year on Microsoft licenses, and can help you avoid future costs as your business evolves.

Through proper preparation, benchmarking and sharing our wealth of data about licensing methods and market intelligence behind-the-scenes, RevoBlue helps level the playing field in your software negotiations.

Audit Preparation and Mitigation

Reduce your exposure on your next audit, or mitigate the outcome. Whether initiated by Microsoft/VMware/Citrix etc., RevoBlue experts can help you prepare ahead of time, or identify discrepancies between your licensing assets and the auditor’s report.

Contingency Advantage Program

Whether you have a single local business, a start-up, or a nationwide or global business, you can improve your bottom line with RevoBlue’s cost reduction consulting. We can help you contain your costs, at no upfront cost and zero risk to you.