Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support Services

Fully Managed IT Support

RevoBlue’s fully managed IT services will help you take control of your IT infrastructure and services.

IT providers are increasingly being put under pressure by their customers to provide flexible, scalable and resilient IT business solutions that can respond quickly and efficiently to the ever-changing demands of their customers. The advancement of new technologies coupled with the demand for IT providers to deliver solutions and not purely product sales is driving end-user organisations to depend ever more on the expertise and capabilities of specialist IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to replace or supplement their in-house Information Technology capabilities.

RevoBlue offer a suite of proactive managed services that are designed to fit with any customer requirement. Standardised services-levels, technology focused core components and change management provides RevoBlue and their channel partners with a best-of-breed, cost-effective managed service that proactively monitors, manages and improves customer networks 24×7.

This will enable you to reduce costs, increase reliability, productivity and security as well as minimising downtime. This will free up your IT Staff to concentrate on improving and refining your IT strategy, rather than reactively managing daily issues and problems.

Our fully managed IT support service provision is a portfolio of services and technology that will ensure you secure opportunities to lower costs, increase productivity and avoid IT crises.

We will seamlessly dovetail with your existing infrastructure, acting as a bridge between outsourcing and expansion that exploits the advantages of both approaches with the drawbacks of neither.

Our managed service features include:

  • Off-site support
  • On-site support
  • Remote monitoring of hardware
  • Hardware replacement
  • Reporting systems
  • Management systems

With our managed services you can free up your IT Staff to work on projects that contribute to your organisation, whilst the managed system platform looks out for equipment failures and malfunctions before they happen, scans for viruses, checks for successful backups and keeps the whole system in optimum condition for resilience and reliability. Your IT staff can get advanced reporting tools to analyse and articulate IT opportunities and weaknesses in clear business terms, and your finance department can plan confidently against predictable costs.