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Now, more than ever, you need technology to be available around the clock – you never know when that hot sales lead will want to know more or put in a last minute meeting request. Inevitably it will be when you’re out of the office.

Thanks to Microsoft Office 365® you can have the best access to the Microsoft products you know and trust, including email, calendars, contacts, instant messaging, web conferencing and file sharing, no matter where you are.

Your office in the cloud

You might think you can get by with a ‘free’ email account. It might what you need it to, but it can let you down – when your mailbox fills up really quickly, or it blocks a big file. And it won’t keep your calendar up-to-date or synchronise your emails when you’re out and about. Microsoft Office 365 brings together cloud versions of professional Microsoft tools, so you can keep your busy life in balance. You get business-class email (with a large 50GB mailbox) and contacts and calendars that synchronise across virtually any devices, including your smartphone and tablet. You can share and work on files, and even hold web-conferences, wherever you are. And when you save your important documents to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365, you can be sure the files you want are there when you need them.

Anywhere access. Stay connected on the go

No matter where you need to be, Microsoft Office 365 can help transform the way in which you work. Send emails, read documents and access contacts and calendars on the go. Synchronise your data across different devices, so you’re always up-to-date. You can Instant Message colleagues or hold video conferences using Microsoft Lync (Soon to become Microsoft Skype for Business 2015) from virtually any device and work together no matter where you are. And with your most important files, folders and documents safe in the cloud, your office can go wherever you go.

  • Access your files and data from virtually any device or browser – including BlackBerry™, iPhone ™, Android ™and Windows® phones. ™
  • Work easily with colleagues or clients using shared files and libraries, video conferencing, screen sharing and real time note taking.
  • With your important files securely in the cloud you don’t have to worry about losing any vital work

Look professional. Make the best impression

Microsoft Office 365 gives you the professional tools you need to make the best impression. Send emails from your own domain name when you’re out and about. You can work on documents and presentations, share them with staff and customers, and manage projects and schedule customer meetings wherever you are.

  • Professional, secure email, with huge 50GB mailboxes so it won’t stop working just when you need it.
  • Emails, calendars and contacts synchronise between different devices, so you always know what’s going on.

Easy-to-manage it.

With Microsoft Office 365 you’ll soon be up and running, with everything from email, contacts and calendars to web-conferences and file sharing. Your most important files can be held safely in the cloud so in the event of a power outage, leak or natural disaster you know your data is safe.
You’ll have secure access to your documents on virtually any device – including smartphones. And if for any reason you do need help, support is always available.

  • Quick and easy to install with email filters against malware, spam and viruses.
  • No need for expensive servers. Your email and calendars are stored safely in the cloud.

Enjoy big business benefits without big business costs.

Microsoft Office 365 gives you and your staff the opportunity to work flexibly and efficiently while maintaining a professional image when out and about. You can create documents that will get you noticed and use email with your own domain name. Plus with instant messaging, web conferencing, and file sharing, you can get real big business benefits at low monthly costs.

  • Business-grade tools that help make businesses more competitive.
  • No upfront charges.
  • Predictable low monthly OPEX costs.

Your complete office in the cloud.

Some of the Microsoft Office 365 plans give you all the benefits of the Small Business version, but with all your Office favourites – like Word, Excel and PowerPoint – on up to five different devices. So now you can have your complete office wherever you need it.

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus – includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access.
  • Installs on your desktops or laptops quickly and effortlessly.
  • Always the latest version and always up-to-date on up to 5 different devices per user.

What other software do I need to use Microsoft office 365?

Keeping up with the latest versions and updates gives you the best experience with Microsoft Office 365.
Connect to Microsoft Office 365 through the latest software, apps, browsers, clients, and mobile devices, and then install all the latest versions and updates as soon as possible after the release of the version or update.

RevoBlue will assess each individual customers needs to ascertain which Office 365 plan or mix of plans suit your organisation best as you may already have a number of Office 2013 licenses. With those devices you can opt for a cheaper plan without the Office applications. When the new version of Office comes out you can then change the plans again to omit add Office.

Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 Migration

For almost all businesses, email is critical to their day to day operations. But managing and maintaining an on premise email infrastructure is increasingly expensive, risky and inflexible. Apart from the growing cost of licencing, the ever expanding volume and size of emails means that businesses are continually spending more on storage and archiving as mailboxes balloon in size. For many regulated industries, the single point of failure that an on-site email server represents is also unacceptable for compliance and business continuity, while the need for remote access across different devices makes in-house management of access rights and security increasingly complex.

The cost-effectiveness, scalability and reliability of a cloud based email solution, such as Microsoft’s Exchange Online (available as part of Office 365), makes it an attractive alternative to on premise infrastructure for many businesses. Despite the obvious benefits, the largest barrier to adoption of cloud email is migration. Why?

  • It’s complicated: email migration is specialised and difficult.
  • It’s important: email is a business critical application, without it you can lose business, lose customers and lose your reputation.

RevoBlue offer a fixed cost, fixed outcome solution to the complex and critical problem of email migration to the cloud. A future-proof Exchange Online environment provides additional security, flexibility, and mobility whilst preserving your original email configuration and settings.

Our experienced migration services team provide a comprehensive service which includes the following:

  • Pre-migration readiness assessment
  • Preparation of Office 365/Exchange online accounts
  • Migration of mailboxes
  • Synchronisation to new accounts
  • Configuration