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In today’s IT world full of hackers, virtual thieves and general vulnerabilities there may never have been such an important time to stand back and reflect on what security methods you have in place. Threats emerge every single day, each one designed to exploit a particular loophole or vulnerability with your software or infrastructure. As with all businesses, keeping your data safe and secure is paramount to success – letting intruders in to help themselves is not something that is advisable.

Security is a huge deal for any organisation and if it isn’t for you then maybe this could present the ideal moment to sit down and document your key systems, analysing how you would recover from a breach and possible loss of data. We can analyse, document and formulate a solution to protect your entire business from unwanted attacks and breaches into your network or key systems.

If you have public facing servers then it is entirely likely you will have public IP addresses pointing to these resources. This presents an area for attack and can allow an intruder in without the appropriate security measures in place. Security cannot be defined and determined by any one single resource as keeping your systems safe requires a whole host of different precautionary steps.

We have helped customers deal with Microsoft Exchange breaches, consuming their servers and using them as mail relays, email Exchange spam and filtering, firewalls that are opened up to every single rule, software patches, security updates, anti-virus and spyware removal. Even if you think you are secure it doesn’t mean that you are – some of these programs sit in the background, collecting all of your personal data throughout the day.

We work with the biggest brands, hardware and software in the market place – all leaders in their respective fields so we can always advise what would be a good fit for your environment.

A breach could cause a plethora of issues, some harder to recover from than others.

Avoid Issues Like These:

  • Brand or key services/product damage, resulting in loss of customer confidence.
  • Regulatory sanctions imposed.
  • IP blacklisting for key services and sites.
  • Breach of your customers personal data, contracts etc. causing loss of time for key internal resources such as management, human resources (HR) and IT to remedy the problems (if they are skilled to do so).
  • Entire loss of data – there are some seriously malicious viruses and people out there. This also ties into your backup and recovery solution, without backups you could effectively be forced to close your business if they remove the correct databases.

All of our customers to date were of the same mind-set, which was “we have been fine up until now”. This is ok as long as you never have an incident, but in reality this is very unlikely long term – there are just too many threats out there to avoid issues entirely. We can offer an assessment of your current infrastructure, time with your team or a complete solution. Whatever your position with IT and infrastructure security we can help close off those little holes and vulnerabilities.