Organisation Mobility

Enterprise Mobility Management

Smart Devices Are Now Useful Business Tools

Through the years mobile devices have become increasingly more popular within the business world, especially with the introduction of the smart phone and tablets entering the marketplace. As organisations are adopting these devices into their networks there is an ever increasing requirement for Enterprise Mobility. This requirement is only going to grow as the need to work “on the go” is becoming more commonplace.

The biggest IT challenge for us has been the management of old and new applications, ensuring that networks are kept secure, exposing any weaknesses as part of the process. We deliver affordable, secure and simple to use mobile device friendly infrastructures that can scale to your ever expanding requirements. Future proofing is something that is very important when designing an efficient network under any circumstance, but with mobile devices being so prevalent this is more important than ever before.

We offer solutions that include the planning, implementation and testing of your network. Ensuring that your business is ready to evolve with the rapidly expanding handheld device market is more of a requirement than a “nice to have” because of the way technology is advancing year on year.

Whether you are just looking for email integration whilst out of the office or you require a fully integrated VPN solution the fact remains that mobile devices are here to stay.

Is your network ready for the mobile device evolution? Are you getting the most out of your mobile workforce? Could you be doing more to involve mobile devices into your organisation?