Training and Skills Transfer

Training and Skills Transfer

Offering Additional Skills To Businesses

We deliver training and knowledge workshops in all of our technology areas. This equips your organisation with the skills and capabilities that will help you to maximise the success of your composites-based solutions. This support can range from introductory seminars on composites, detailed technical briefs to knowledge transfer workshops in a defined market sector or capability enhancement to take your organisation to the next level. We will jointly agree a road map and will grow the expertise within your organisation, using your projects to help optimise your team’s learning curve.

What We Will Deliver:

  • Training programmes where we deliver skills and technology transfer in a more formal and structured learning environment. The style and content of each workshop and training course will be defined and delivered to meet your technology transfer needs, and will usually include an interactive element.
  • Educational workshops designed, depending on the objectives agreed, to provide your team with basic, intermediate and advanced insights, skills and knowledge about the composites market, composites materials, processes, applications and solutions.
  • Technical training by our experienced engineers that can provide detailed design and engineering training that you can apply to your own composites challenges.
  • ADISA accredited (Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance).
  • Bespoke and tailored training on composites topics of your choice, tailored to your requirements and delivered by our experts in an accessible and interactive format.
  • Mentoring by our expert personnel, who can be based onsite embedded within your organisation to work on a specific project. The objective is for one or more of our team with specific skills and experience to mentor your composites project team. Working alongside one of our experts provides the opportunity to absorb their knowledge and know-how.
  • Professional internships that enable members of your team to spend time embedded within one of our projects, and to gain valuable skills and experience in composites during the process.

Benefit To Your Business

You can transform your business through training and knowledge. Learning and applying new skills and technologies enables your organisation to exploit new markets and find new customers. We want your organisation to be able to take and apply the knowledge we deliver via our workshops and training so that your business benefits over the long term. When you choose our training and knowledge transfer services, you will benefit from:

  • Access to new technology, skills, knowledge and technology transfer through collaborative and interactive support from our team. This enables your business to apply what it has learned independently and over the long term.
  • Improved performance, productivity gains and cost efficiencies from learning new lean methods of managing composite projects.
  • New customers and revenue streams arising from the additional markets you can exploit, as you will have gained new capabilities via technology transfer.

Why We Are Different

  • We believe in knowledge empowerment. If you can take what you have learned and apply it independently for the benefit of your business, then we have achieved our objective.
  • Our passion for composites is underpinned by our deep and broad knowledge of the composites supply chain and product lifecycle. Knowledge that we aim to communicate via our workshops and training programmes.
  • With our intensive client focus, we invest time in understanding where your knowledge gaps may be so we can design and deliver training and workshops that are structured to fill those gaps.
  • As we are independent, the technology we share is not locked into any specific composite solution, allowing you to use your new knowledge across a wider range of solutions.