Unified Solutions & Collaboration

Unified Solutions & Collaboration

Helping Teams Share the Same Vision For Excellence

Collaboration is another buzz word that is being used frequently in the IT industry at the moment. Most people understand what the word itself means but what does it mean to your organisation? Why is it becoming so pivotal in driving a business in the right direction?

Hopefully we can help by breaking down what collaboration actually means and more importantly what it means to RevoBlue as a business. We treat collaboration quite simply, aiming to pull resources and teams together to achieve efficient and timely results. This means a whole host of work is involved to integrate technology from multiple endpoints, bringing people together to create value from virtual and physical workspaces wherever the teams reside.

To reference another key ingredient to this whole process we use Mark Granovetter in his 1973 paper, The Strength of Weak Ties, highlighting the importance of diversity in the areas of brainstorming and problem solving. The more diverse the group is the better they are at these tasks. So, we aim to pull your diverse resources together to create a unified team who are all aware of the goals throughout the organisation. Things get easier when everyone is working towards the same set of objectives.

Are your staff all working to the same goals? Is everyone aware of what is required of them? We can identify areas for improvement and provide the infrastructure to support these changes across your entire organisation, integrating mobile device users and entire remote teams into your network, improving communication methods with technology.